Debiutantki w TVP HISTORIA

Watch us on January 12, 19.40 at TVP Historia, where the coverage of preparations for the Debutantes Ball AD 2015, by Katarzyna Sitnik will be presented. - HISTORY FLASH program on TVP Historia. The footage starts at 00:09:15 of linked video.

Fashion Show

On Friday 27th of Spetember, the Wilanów Debiutantes moved to an elegant, and magical world of fashion. The ladies took part in a fashion show, which was held in the centre of Warsaw, at Jasna 24 restaurant and was a surprise for the members of the European Integration Group. 

The Debiutantes wore pieces from the Annomalia collection, which is a project by Anna Młynarczyk, the designer behind ZOA Project. The models wore beautiful shoes, by the designer and owner of MYS Fashion Group, Marcin Miętus. Which are a must have!

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