Nasi Eksperci

Beata Tyszkiewicz

The first lady of polish cinematography. Teaches the debutantes about how to be a women of class. She belives that we shouldn’t collect negative thoughts, and write „I’m perfect“ on a piece of paper everyday.

Katarzyna Chwedoruk

Medical Director at SkinClinic. An expert and therapist with twenty years of experience. Teaches the debutantes on how to look after their skin and how to stay young for long.


Dawid Grzesiak

Chef at the OSSA Congress & Spa Hotel. Runs cooking workshops with the debutantes, teaching them the secrets of taste and the making of advanced recipies.

Emilian Kamiński

A film and theatre actor. Teaches the debutantes about how to present themselves, and the importance of good speech and pronunciation during talks.

„Our life is like a stage. We constantly share our thoughts, observe ourselves. It is important to look, and be noticeable“.

Anna Samusionek

A film and theatre actor. Shares her longstanding knowledge of work with the camera.

„You should be yourselves. The camera will create you. Our knowledge and what we have in our hearts is the most important, it creates what we want to share with others“

Lidia Popiel

Photographer and model, with a longstanding knowledge and experience. Runs photographyworkshops with the debiutants.

Ryszard Wojtala

Experienced dancer and stage instructor. Teaches the debiutants how to dance, good posture, charm and grace. Introduces the debutantes to the world of balls and baroque minuets.

Dariusz Kotarski

Estée Lauder make-up artist. Teaches and presents how to use make-up during the day and in the evenings. Shares tips on what to use, to look beautiful.


Wojciech Rawecki

Director and film operator, a lecturer at the Warsaw Film School. Teaches the debutantes about film sets, and the importance they have during photography. Gives advice on how to act during photo sessions.

Andrzej Mastalerz

A film and theatre actor. Gives advice on how to deal with stress during public speeches and important meetings.

Zuzanna Zubka-Chmielewska

A historian of art, fashion and film costume, historical and cultural anthropologist. A lecturer at the International School of Costume and Fashion Design. Teaches the debiutants about the history of crinoline and ruche in fashion.


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